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:: Pressure Sensors & Transmitters
HPM-2002 Dual Sensor Vacuum Gauge
The Model 2002, Dual Sensor Vacuum Gauge, is a wide range vacuum instrument consisting of a digital microprocessor-based display unit, two sensing elements (micro-Pirani and piezoresistive bridge) in a single tube shell, and an interconnecting cable. Together, these components provide accurate vacuum measurement over 7 decades of pressure from 1x10-4 Torr to 1000 Torr.
HPM-2002-OBE Dual Sensor Vacuum Gauge
The OBE is an electronics module which provides the user with a low-cost method of accurate vacuum measurement over a wide range of pressure (1x10-4 - 1000 Torr). The OBE uses the same rugged HPM-2002S tube as the award-winning Model 2002®. Available output options are dual 0-10 VDC, RS232, RS485, dual 4-20 mA, or DeviceNet™. All output options, except DeviceNet™, include a 4-digit LED display.
IGE-3000 Ionization Gauge
The Teledyne Hastings Instruments IGE-3000 line of Ionization Gauge Tubes and Electronics provides the user with accurate, repeatable pressure measurement starting in the medium vacuum range and continuing through into the ultrahigh vacuum range. Range: 10-9 Torr to 10-2 Torr
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