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:: Linear Position Sensor
MicroSense 4810
The ADE model 4810 is a non-contact precision position sensor. The 4810 is optimized for short range displacement measurement applications that require best possible linearity and stability.
Microsense 5000 Series Probes
Many sensor heads, or probes, are available for use with our 5800 Series capacitive position sensors.
Microsense 5810
The ADE Model 5810 is a single channel, non-contact precision capacitive displacement sensor. Designed for high dynamic applications, the Model 5810 provides high resolution with measurement bandwidth up to 100 kHz
Microsense 8810
The ADE model 8810 is a non-contact precision position sensor. The 8810 is designed for best linearity and stability, with measurement bandwidth up to 20 kHz – ideal for servo system position feedback and fast tool servo applications
Microsense Mini
The MicroSense Mini is a compact, high resolution linear displacement sensor designed specifically for providing servo system feedback, especially for OEM applications.
Precision Capacitive Sensor Model 6810
Break the nanometer resolution barrier -- achieve picometer resolution with our highest resolution position sensor - ADE Technologies introduces our new Model 6810 high resolution capacitive position sensor.
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