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:: Torque Sensors
Reaction / Non-Rotating
5330 Hollow Flange
The 5330 features a large thru-hole design for use where mating fixtures, hydraulic or electrical lines need to pass through the sensor. 60 lbf-in to 100K lbf-in
5350 Solid Flange
5350 Solid Flange Reaction torque transducer – Features include threaded mounting holes and available internal amplification for ±10V high-level output.
5355 Solid Flange
5355 Solid Flange Reaction torque transducer – Features include threaded mounting holes and available internal amplification for ±10V high-level output.
5400 Series Flange Style
The 5400 series features a rugged flange-style design with thru-holes, low deflection, high torsional stiffness and the ability to withstand large overhung moments. 500 lb-in to 750K lb-in
55 Nm to 85K Nm
MRT Miniature
The MRT’s flange design offers ease of installation in a low capacity, compact design. 0.2 Nm to 20 Nm
MRT2 Miniature
The MRT2 has capacities from 5 to 50 Nm. Excellent linearity and repeatability as well as low deflection – high torsional stiffness.
MRT2P Miniature Overload Protected
The MRT2P features 3X safe overload in 0.2 Nm and 2 Nm capacities. The flange design is easy to mount.
MRTP Miniature Overload Protected
MRTP has a capacity 0.2 Nm. Excellent linearity & repeatability.
TS11 Flange Style
TS11 Flange Style includes threaded mounting holes and a center thru-hole design. Capacities from 10 to 20K Nm
TS12 Shaft Style
Features of the TS12 include convenient shaft-style mounting using standard couplings. The compact design allows mounting in tight spaces where rotational clearance is at a minimum.
TS14 Square Drive
The TS14 can be used to check torque wrenches and is useful for auditing fastener torque. Capacities from 2 to 5K Nm
TS15 Square Flange Style
The TS15 features a flange on one side and a female square connection on the other. Capacities from 2 to 2K Nm
TS16 Square Flange Style
The TS16 features a flange on one side and a male square drive connection on the other. Useful for fastener testing where the flange can be mounted to the bench and the square connection can accept sockets.
TS17 Hex Drive
The TS17 accepts standard hex-style screwdriver bits, useful for auditing fastener torque and checking screw installation after final assembly. Capacities from 0.2 to 20 Nm
TS18 Shaft to Flange Style
Convenient thru-hole flange mounting on one and a shaft on the other. Flange has internal pilot and the shaft is keyed per DIN 6885.1.
TS19 Short Flange Style
The TS19 features an ultra-compact design, allowing the smallest possible flange-to-flange thickness of any reaction torque sensor.
TS20 Hollow Flange
The TS20 Hollow Flange reaction torque transdcuer features a large thru-hole design. Capacities from 10 Nm to 200 Nm
TS21 Miniature Shaft Style
The TS21 miniature shaft style reaction torque transducer features keyed shafts and a compact package with short overall length. Nominal torque from 1 Nm to 100 Nm
TS22 Low Capacity Overload Protected
The TS22 overload protected low capacity reaction torque transducer offers very low capacities and features 5x overload protection on capacities upto 2Nm.
TSQ High Capacity Square Drive
The TSQ High Capacity Square Drive Reaction Torque has 300K to 3,000K lb-in capacities (34K Nm to 340K Nm)
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