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:: Torque Sensors
Torque Reference / Standard
TB1A Reference Torque Measuring Disc
The TB1A reference torque measuring disc was developed for non-rotating torque measurement. The design of the measuring body gives the transducer an extremely low profile and extremely high stiffness values.
TB2 Torque Reference Transducer With Extreme Accuracy
The TB2 torque reference transducer was developed as a reference and transfer transducer for use in on-site calibration. Available in ranges of 100 Nm up to 10 kNm.
TN Torque Transfer Transducer
The TN torque transfer transducer is a non-rotating torque transducer specifically for use as a transfer standard or as a reference transducer in calibration laboratories and it complies with the most stringent accuracy and stability requirements.
The TTS transfer torque wrench is used to check and calibrate torque wrench calibration equipment. It is precisely coordinated to the requirements of these calibrations, such as those prescribed in Guideline DKD-R 3-7.
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