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:: Technical Resources
Reports in Applied Measurement
A new transducer for measuring the forces and moments in skis
The aim of the work is the design and manufacture of a transducer with six degrees of freedom for measuring the forces and moments transferred from a skier’s feet to the skis. Two possible configurations were analyzed and tested in order to arrive at an optimal solution.
Comparative long-term measurements on concrete buildings
In the course of a building project sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Eduction, Science, Research and Technology (BMBF) and the industry, two structurally identical buildings were built from conventional concrete and from recycling concrete. The article describes the design and implementation of a measuring device which makes it possible to furnish evidence about the long-term behavior of both buildings.
Determination of plain stress using strain gage rosettes
It is generally the case that three fully independent stress components are fixed on the surface of structural elements, so that three independent quantities, in this case strains, have to be measured in three different directions. This is done with SG rosettes, specifically designed by the manufacturer with directions of measurement relative to one another.
Experimental stress analysis of the Flöhatal Bridge
Experimental determination of the load-bearing and deformation characteristics of the Flöhatal Bridge at Hetzdorf. The article describes the complex on-line measurement system with 87 measuring points for static measurements and 46 parallel measurement channels for the acquisition of dynamic signals.
Experimental stress analysis on an emergency power diesel engine
Experimental stress analysis on the emergency power diesel engine of a nuclear power station. Nuclear power stations usually rely on diesel generator sets for emergency power because they are highly reliable following many years of development as ship propulsion units. As emergency generator sets, they must be ready for operation within seconds, and then run at a constant speed, in order to drive a directly coupled generator.
Experimental stress analysis when driving
Fortis Saxonia – experimental stress analysis when driving. Environmental pressure, with increasingly scarce energy and raw materials, is proving a strong driver for finding innovative solutions. For automobile manufacture, this means aspiring to lightweight construction vehicles with efficient and economical drive systems.
Force & pressure measurement during vacuum extractions in obstetrics
Force and pressure measurement during vacuum extractions in obstetrics. The article describes the design and calibration of the measurement device and gives examples of measurement results found on a phantom and during actual delivery.
Identifying characteristics of carbon fiber reinforced plastics with strain gages
Identifying the material parameters of carbon fiber reinforced plastics with strain gages, taking transverse sensitivity into account. Carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CRP) are increasingly being used for lightweight constructions, as their structure ensures good strength at low specific weight, reduced wall thickness and low temperature dilatation.
Improving finite element analysis accuracy using physical measurements
Improving finite element analysis accuracy using physical measurements. Increasingly more engineers use computer aided analysis tools in the design process of a structure or part. One of the most commonly used methods is finite element analysis (FEA).
Innovative renovation concept by using force and deformation measurement
Implementing an innovative renovation concept by using force and deformation measurement technology. The original, historic load transfer for the cupola was no longer effective and instead the load was redistributed to the ceilings and joists of the floors below, resulting in these areas becoming overloaded. The plan that emerged was to restore the historical load transfer of the cupola load.
Investigating structural durability in a motorcycle sidecar
In automotive engineering, it is essential for components and sub-assemblies to be designed to be structurally durable. Proof of this structural durability can be provided either experimentally, on relevant test equipment or by experiment and calculation, by measuring the operating stresses and then making an estimate based on a damage accumulation calculation.
Long-term measurements of strains with strain-gauges
Long-term measurements of strains with strain-gauges and stability of strain-gauge transducers. Results from experiments aiming at the evaluation of the long-term stability (at ambient temperature and in laboratory conditions) under constant sustained loading of strain-gauges and strain-gauge transducers are reported.
Measurement equipment on a standards test-rig for radial fans
Measurement equipment on a standards test-rig for radial fans. The article describes a pipe-type test facility for standards testing incorporating an on-line measurement system on the downstream side based on the MGC Digital Measuring Amplifier System.
Measurement of strain in reinforced concrete walls
Measurement of strains and temperature responses in reinforced concrete walls. The concrete is soft in the initial stage and it expands as a result of being heated. If the concrete building component is a wall on a foundation, later cooling creates tensile stress, especially at the foot of the wall where the base plate interferes with deformation. This can produce cracks, which can cause problems, particularly if the structure must be watertight.
Measuring & logging forces during midfacial distraction osteogenesis
Clefts in lip, jaw and palate are the second most common congenital deformity. With approx. 20 – 30 % of patients, there is a disparity in the growth of the upper and lower jaw, so that the midfacial area with the upper jaw is retarded. In many cases, it makes medical sense to correct this with surgery once growth is complete.
Measuring strain in a forging hammer
Measuring strain in a forging hammer in order to compensate for finite element computations.
Measuring the stress of soil retaining structures reinforced with synthetics
Measuring the stress and deformation behavior of soil retaining structures reinforced with synthetics. To determine the stress and deformation behavior of soil reinforced with synthetics, large-scale testing was carried out in a specially developed biaxial device (V = 1.5m3).
Measuring torque on an engine test stand
Measuring torque on an engine test stand. It is not just the acquisition of the mechanical torque variables, it is also the integration into a mechanical overall system that are crucial. The overall view determines system suitability in performance test stands.
Quality assurance in aircraft maintenance
Complete measurement system with on-line evaluation and logging as a means of quality assurance in aircraft maintenance. The article describes the system, which was set up as a mobile unit, together with its application, taking aircraft weighing for determination of the center of gravity as an example.
Strain-gage installation problem on oil pipe
Combination of hot-cured bonding and spot-welding solves strain-gage installation problem on oil pipe. For reasons of reliability, the operator of an underground pipeline for the supply of oil at a temperature of 160°C (320°F) was interested in finding the operational strains occurring in the pipe walls in the vicinity of the pipe bends. This information would enable the operator to take precautions against any expected damage to the pipeline.
Stress analysis in adhesion anchors in C-C-T nodes
The article presents a new test for analyzing the mechanical stress of adhesion anchors in C-C-T nodes. The primary aim of the investigation is to develop a practical design standard which, in the form of a dimensioning program, can be used to define important parameters for reinforcement anchorages.
Stress analysis of an ancient plaster column
This paper describes an investigation based on experimental techniques and on the experience gained from them. Whereas the sandstone bases and capitals of the columns are in very good condition, the solid plaster columns themselves exhibit radial longitudinal cracks and in one case an extensive dish-shaped area of spalling. The observed cracks are giving cause for concern about their stability.
Structural evaluation of bridges and sewers
BELFA load application vehicle -measurement and loading techniques for the structural evaluation of bridges and sewers. To demolish and rebuild road bridges that have been found by calculation to be unable to support heavy loads consumes resources and disrupts traffic.
Verifying the load-bearing capacity of a bridge
Measurement and testing techniques used in verifying the load-bearing capacity of a bridge over the Main-Danube Canal. The article describes the methods used which successfully demonstrated that the very expensive alternatives of a new replacement bridge or extensive repairs were unnecessary.
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