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DAQ Software Technical Data
ActiveX In Catman
Implementing ActiveX controls in Catman Software.
CatmanAP Quick Start Guide
CatmanAP Quick Start Guide
CatmanEasy Quick Start Guide
CatmanEasy Quick Start Guide
CatmanEnterprise Manual
CatmanEnterprise Manual
HBM technology in first German offshore wind farm
Efficiently generating electric power without polluting the environment becomes increasingly important in times of high commodity prices and growing environmental awareness among consumers.
MGCplus SwiftCal Quick Start Guide
MGCplus SwiftCal Quick Start Guide
Software for load and fatigue analysis
Unscheduled downtimes of up to 300 hours – a horrendous scenario for the operators of wind energy plants, which can only be avoided by the perfect interaction between turbine component design, optimally scheduled maintenance intervals and the consideration of material fatigue under different load scenarios.
Video - How It Can Support Traditional Sensors
How can video support classic sensor data?
HBM conducted a survey with 100 respondents in eight European countries in autumn 2016. In summary, the survey shows that recording video data in parallel to tactile sensors or digital bus signals is becoming increasingly attractive to users. The format of the recordings can vary from true film to just a snapshot picture, resulting in a true sensor or digital data fusion.
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