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:: Load Cells / Force Transducers
PACEline CFT Piezoelectric Force Transducer
CFT piezoelectric force transducers from HBM are available with measuring ranges from 5 to 120 kN enabling reliable, integrated force measurement, in particular where space is a constraint. The transducers are suitable for monitoring highly dynamic press-fit and assembly processes with fast force variations.
PACEline CFW Piezoelectric Force Washer
Thanks to their compact design CFW force washers can be used in many different applications, including adverse industrial environments. Presently available with nominal (rated) forces of 50 kN and 140 kN. Since the output signal is not dependent on the measuring range but on the force applied, CFW force sensors withstand very high overloads.
Paceline CHW Piezoelectric Force Washer
Piezoelectric force washers for a wide range of temperatures.
PACEline CLP Piezoelectric Force Washer
A space-saving solution for precise force measurement: PACEline CLP piezoelectric force washers allow force measurements where space is a constraint.
PACEline CMA Charge Amplifier
The PACEline CMA charge amplifier (analog amplifier) ensures reliable transmission of data from piezoelectric force transducers. This is done by signal conditioning to +/-10 V analog standard signals.
PACEline CMC - The piezoelectric force measurement chain
CFT piezoelectric force transducers and CMA analog amplifiers are combined to form a calibrated unit. Even with the most challenging task in your process monitoring: The CMC measurement chain keeps pace at any time.
PACEline CMD Digital Charge Amplifier
The digital charge amplifier for piezoelectric sensors assures multiple uses in many applications in the laboratory and production. The CMD600 measures very fast force, torque and pressure signals at frequencies of up to 30 kHz and can be used with piezoelectric sensors up to max. 600,000 pC (Pico coulombs).
PACEline CST 300
The CST/300, a highly sensitive piezoelectric strain transducer, is designed for applications where transducers based on strain gauges reach their limits due to size or low sensitivity.
PACEline Piezo Technology
PACEline from HBM are products used in force and strain measurement technology, and based on the piezoelectric effect.
PACEline Piezoelectric Force Transducers (overview)
Your fitting and assembly processes are fast and space is a constraint. But you still expect consistently reliable quality control for your production. It’s time for PACEline. Compact and highly dynamic force measurement technology from HBM that makes the difference – and brings fresh impulses to piezo technology.
WindMETER system is a reliable monitoring solution specifically designed to monitor wind generator blades. The system consists of a low consumption optoelectronic interrogator suitable for operation over extended temperature range and a set of Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) strain and temperature sensors.
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