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:: Data Acquisition
Genesis - Power and Isolation products
6600 Optical Fiber Isolated 100 MSs Input Card GN401
Offers fiber optic isolation for high speed
transient recorder applications. The isolated
system consists of a transmitter unit (GN110,
GN111, GN112 or GN113) connected via fiber
optic cable to the GN401 receiver built into any
GEN Series mainframe.
7600 Isolated Digitizer and Receiver
The 7600 Isolated Digitizer is based on the
fourth generation of fiber-optic isolated
digitizers designed by HBM. It is smaller, lighter and has improved performance when compared to its predecessors which make these Isolated Digitizers the leading product for use in the most demanding test lab applications.
BE3200 Test Sequencer
The BE3200 test sequencer is designed for timing and sequence control of switchgear or ballistics tests. It replaces traditional electromechanical systems with microprocessor precision. Up to 32 optically-isolated outputs are available, with extensive interlocking and safety features. Windows software provides control in milliseconds, cycles or degrees of phase via an optically-isolated serial port.
BE560 Isolation Amplifier
The Isolation Amplifier BE560 is a complete stand-alone isolated amplifier of modular construction for professional low and medium voltage measurement applications. The instrument is an ideal solution to protect your measurement system and yourself against hazardous voltages.
Optical Fiber Isolated 100 MS/s Input Card The optical fiber isolated system consists of up to 12 transmitter units (GN110, GN111, GN112 or GN113) connected to the GN1202B receiver card built into a GEN series mainframe using a fiber optic cable.

By converting the analog signal into a digital signal and transmitting the signal to the receiver card via fiber optic cable, the transmission does not add any drift or error to the measured signal. The automatic cable length compensation phase-matches all fiber optic isolated channels to any standard analog input channel.
HV Impulse Attenuator
The High Voltage impulse attenuator together with the ISOBE5600 transient recorder and the Perception High Voltage Impulse Analysis option (HV-IA) offer a cost effective solution for the HV impulse testing applications (Lightning impulse, Switching impulse and Current impulse).
ISOBE5600 Isolation System
The ISOBE5600 isolation system provides an additional isolation for existing measurement systems. The system comprises a transmitter unit connected by optical fiber to the ISOBE5600r receiver unit. The transmitter, positioned in close proximity to the test object, performs the signal A/D conversion, and the digital transmission of measurement data via optical fiber. The D/A converter in the receiver unit performs the re-conversion of data into analog signals, thereby enabling further processing with conventional measurement technology.
ISOBE5600 Transient Recorder
In addition to a transmitter unit, the ISOBE5600 transient recorder comprises the ISOBE5600m receiver unit with integrated memory for data acquisition, as well as Perception measurement and analysis software. The transmitter and receiver are connected by fiber-optic cable.
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