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:: Load Cells / Force Transducers
FN2570 Force Sensor
he FN2570 load cell has been developed for pedal force testing. It attaches easily on all types of pedals and test rigs for endurance and fatigue tests, especially where size is an important factor.
3416 & 3430 Coil Tubing Load Cells
These are designed for measuring tension and compression on coil tubing in the oil industry. 20K lbf to 60K lbf
250 kN to 375 kN
BPL Brake Pedal Load Cell
The BPL is a very low profile load cell for measuring pressure on brake pedals.
EL20-S458 Belt Tension Load Cell
The EL20-S458 is a seat belt tension load cell, typically used for automotive crash test, military payload delivery, sport and military parachute tether loads, and automatic reserve chute deployment systems. Available in capacities of 1K lbf. to 3.2K lbf.
FN2114 Force Sensor
The FN2114 load cell has been developed for pedal load testing. Its size allows the sensor to be easily installed on the pedals of any vehicle or a fatigue/endurance test bench.
FN2317 Force Sensor
The FN2317 is designed with the express purpose of allowing quick and easy installation when measuring forces applied to the handle of the hand brake in automobiles.
FN2420 Force Sensor
The FN2420 is a high accuracy compression load cell often used in applications involving calibration presses. It is available in standard ranges from 0-4000 to 0-1000000 lbf and comes with many options, including a concave loading fixture and an integrated amplifier for high-level output.
FN4055 Force Sensor
Measurement Specialties has applied our decade of experience serving the automotive crash test industry to design the ultimate crash test seat belt restraint sensor.
FN4070 Force Sensor
The FN4070 load cell measures the effort generated on the anchor point of seat-belts during crash-tests. It has been specifically designed with a replaceable tongue, so that the load cell can be re-used by simply changing the tongue.
FN6163-2 Force Sensor
The FN6163-2 transducer is part of a whole measurement system, which allows verifying the correct pre-straining of the shafts and differentials in a gearbox.
FN7080 Force Sensor
The FN7080 is installed in place of the original gear knob on the gear stick of a vehicle and will measure the force required to change gear. Force is measured either in two or three directions.
FN7178-2 Force Sensor
he FN7178-2 is designed specifically to be mounted in series with a front wheel shock absorber on a vehicle. It measures the force in three directions to study ride characteristics under a wide range of driving conditions.
FN7180-3 Force Sensor
The FN7180-3 is designed specifically to measure friction between two elements. Used mainly for automotive application, the sensor controls the efficiency of windshield soaps, elastomeric surfaces, oils and fluids under several conditions. The sensor has small cross effects. Its high resolution and global accuracy allowed finest customer tests.
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