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:: Data Acquisition
MGCplus & CANHEAD - Laboratory/Universal

MGC Plus CANHEAD (Distributed)
APxx Connection Boards for MGCplus
Connection boards for single channel or multi-channel amplifiers. Also connection boards for special-function modules.
CANHEAD Distributed Amplifier System
Simplify your measurement processes with CANHEAD® - and at the same time gain flexibility and efficiency. CANHEAD® is ideal for average to high channel counts. The 10-channel CANHEAD® amplifier modules can be installed in immediate proximity to the measuring points. Inexpensive and reliable standard fieldbus cables connect the CANHEAD® modules to a communication master.
CANHEADdirect Communication Module
The CANHEADdirect communication module enables measurement data of up to five CANHEAD® modules to be directly transmitted to a PC via CANbus. At a price that makes the CANHEAD® system the first choice for small and medium-sized applications in experimental structural and stress analysis as well.
Cpxx Communication Processors for MGCplus
Outstanding performance and use of standard PC interfaces distinguish the communication processors CP22 and CP42 for MGCplus. Both allow the assembly of networks: An important condition if data acquisition systems with more than 1,000 active channels should assembled.
MGCplus Data Acquisition System (overview)
With more than 100,000 channels in different applications worldwide, HBM's MGCplus system has achieved acceptance as a measurement standard. Supports a wide spectrum of transducers, fieldbus connections and standard PC interfaces. It is the choice for almost all industrial, laboratory and R&D measurement applications. Capable to measure force, displacement, pressure, temperature, torque, acceleration, strain, stress, voltage, current, frequency or resistance - at low or high speeds.
ML38 High-precision Single-channel Amplifier Module for MGCplus
The ML38B precision amplifier provides a high resolution of 1,000,000, an accuracy of 0.0025% and an excellent long-term stability.
MLxx Amplifier & Communication Modules for MGCplus
Single-channel and multi-channel amplifer modules, and special-function modules for the MGCplus system.
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