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:: Data Acquisition
QuantumX - Universal/Modular

QuantumX Spider-8
Highly precise and compact
The QuantumX MX238B, with its two full bridge strain gauge inputs, meets the high standards of precision in calibration tasks and laboratory
Precise measuring amplifier for force, torque, pressure measurement
QuantumX MX430B with 4 strain gauge full bridge inputs for high accuracy in long-term and repetitive measurements.
QuantumX (overview)
One data acquisition system for all your test and measurement tasks
The QuantumX data acquisition system (DAQ) is the perfect tool for all of your test and measurement needs.

For reliable data acquisition of signals from different measurement quantities and sensor technologies, the QuantumX is the preferred choice. It has the unique capability to acquire signals from any analog sensor.

The modules enable a wide range of different measurement quantities acquired reliably and simultaneously using a single device.

In addition, other modules are available specifically for the most varied of measurement quantities.
QuantumX CX22W Data Recorder
New addition to the QuantumX family features on board memory, various interfaces, and other useful features.
QuantumX CX27B Ethernet-EtherCAT Gateway
CX27B allows integration of several QuantumX modules for real-time data acquisition of up to 199 signals via EtherCAT. Selected signals can simultaneously be monitored via Ethernet TCP/IP.
QuantumX MX1601B 16-channel Universal Amplifier
The MX1601B universal amplifier, optimized for use in test benches, provides measurement inputs normalized voltage (+/- 10 V or 100 mV), normalized current (0 or 4 ... 20 mA), IEPE/ICP© sensors in 16 individually configurable channels - at an attractive price per channel!
QuantumX MX1609KB
Thermocouple amplifier Type K

Special Features:
* 16 individually configurable inputs (electronically isolated)
* Thermocouple mini tyle K
* Optional measuring point identification (RFID) and subsequent scaling
* Data rate up to 600Hz per channel
* Active low pass filter
QuantumX MX1609TB
Thermocouple amplifier Type T
- 16 individually configurable inputs (electrically isolated) - Thermocouple mini type T - Optional measuring point identification (RFID) and subsequent scaling - Data rate up to 600 Hz per channel - 8 internal cold junction - Active low pass filter
QuantumX MX1615B 16-channel Bridge Amplifier
The MX1615B strain gauge bridge amplifier is perfect for stress analysis; enabling connection of up to 16 sensors or strain gauges in full-, half-, or quarter-bridge configurations. Only one module is required to measure all mechanical quantities.
QuantumX MX403B
The QuantumX MX403B 4-channel module has been developed specifically for precise acquisition of voltages up to 1000 V.
QuantumX MX410B 4-channel High-Dynamic Universal Amplifier
Regardless of whether you want to upgrade your existing system or whether you are looking for a compact stand-alone solution: The MX410B QuantumX module is the right choice.
QuantumX MX440B 4-channel Universal Amplifier
The MX440B four-channel universal amplifier provides you with the MX840B's universality - now with a reduced number of channels and at an attractive entry-level price.
QuantumX MX460B 4-channel Frequency Measuring Amplifier
The 4-channel digital MX460B is the dynamic and precise pulse and frequency measurement module of the QuantumX series for measuring torque, rotational speed, angle, position and displacement.
QuantumX MX471B CANbus module
The MX471B module enables your QuantumX system to be perfectly linked to your CAN network — and to benefit from high-speed CAN. Weather in mobile testing acquiring CAN signals absolutely time sync’d to other modules with analog inputs or in lab based bench testing working as gateway from analog input to CAN bus or from CAN to EtherCAT (CX27B).
QuantumX MX840B 8-channel Universal Amplifier
MX840B is the 8-channel universal amplifier of HBM's QuantumX data acquisition system. MX840B convinces not only by its compact size, but also by its flexibility, measurement performance and ease of use.
QuantumX MX878B Transmitter with 8 analog voltage outputs
High performance and multiple functions - these are strengths offered by the MX878B module which seamlessly integrates with the universal and distributable QuantumX series.
QuantumX MX879B Multi-IO Module
The MX879B multi I/O module has eight freely configurable analog outputs (± 10 V) and 32 digital inputs/outputs, thus upgrading QuantumX series measurement modules with an active response option.
QuantumX SCM-HV Signal Conditioning Module
The QuantumX SCM-HV signal conditioning module enables voltages up to 300 V CAT II to be measured with QuantumX series amplifiers.
SCM-SG120 - SCM-SG350 - Quarter bridge adapter
An adapter for measuring single strain gages. The adapter completes the quarter bridge with 3 passive resistors to form a full bridge. The two adapter versions that are available have been balanced to 120 or 350 ohm resistors and can be directly plugged on and fixed to the module's D-Sub-HD socket.
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