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:: Torque Sensors
Rotating - Slip-Ring
Slipring assemblies
SK5, SK6 and SK12 slip-ring assemblies transfer measurement signals from rotating electrical transducers to stationary measuring systems.
T4A Torque Transducer
T4A and T4WA-S3 torque transducers are specifically designed for measuring static and dynamic torque, rotation speed and angle of rotation in production monitoring and quality assurance. Transducers can be used both in conjunction with hand-held screwdrivers and motorized screwdrivers, but not with impact screwdrivers. Available in ranges from 5 N•m up to 1 kN•m.
T5 Torque Transducer
The T5 torque transducer is designed for occasional, simple torque measurement tasks in the laboratory, teaching and testing sector. The cylindrical shaft ends allow torque to be applied without play. Slip-ring transfer allows all industry-standard amplifiers for SG full bridges to be used. Available in ranges from 10 N•m to 200 N•m.
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