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:: Load Cells / Force Transducers
Strain Transducers
The basic unit is a displacement transducer which converts the movement of a probe tip into an electrical signal. Conversion is carried out with the aid of strain gauges inside the unit, located in a full bridge circuit on the measuring probe tip.
PACEline CST 300
The CST/300, a highly sensitive piezoelectric strain transducer, is designed for applications where transducers based on strain gauges reach their limits due to size or low sensitivity.
SLB-700A Strain Transducer
The SLB-700A/06 strain transducer is designed to attach directly to the plane surface and enables the strain of the test object to be measured directly. Range of strain measured is 500 um/m.
SLB700A-06VA Strain transducer with analog output
The strain transducers are simply screwed onto the component where force is to be measured. Since strains mapping the acting forces develop when load is applied, the strain signal can be converted into a force by a corresponding calibration measurement.
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