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:: Load Cells / Force Transducers
FN3060 Force Sensor
he FN3060 S-beam load cell is highly suited for use in test benches and fatigue tests. Due to the mechanical design, the FN3060 is especially durable. It measures tension and compression in standard ranges from 0-50 to 0-500lbf.
FN3148 Force Sensor
The FN3148 high precision load cell features accuracy of 0.05% F.S. It is available in standard ranges from 0-10 N to 0-2000 N [0-2 lbf to 0-400 lbf]. Integrated mechanical stops protect against accidental overloads in tension and compression.
FN3280 Force Sensor
The FN3280 S-beam load cell is designed to measure low loads and comes in standard ranges of 0-0.2 lbf to 0-1 lbf. Integrated mechanical stops protect against accidental overloads up to 100 times F.S.
FN9620 Force Sensor
he Model FN9620 is a S-Beam load cell with ranges from 500N to 10kN, designed to operate in hostile environments from -40 to 90°C with IP68 ingress protection. It provides high stiffness for high cycle use, low off-axis load sensitivity and high level of accuracy.
The Reliable S-type Force Transducer Offering High Precision and Outstanding Performance
S-Shaped Load Cell for Tensile and Compressive Forces. High Accuracy, Attractive Price
SM S-Type Load Cell
The SM is a low cost highly accurate unsealed load cell for test machine and other general purpose applications. Available in capacities from 10 lbf. to 1K lbf.
SMA Minature S-Type Load Cell
The SMC is miniature version of SM where height is a constraint. Available in capacities from 15 lbf. to 200 lbf.
SML Low Height Load Cell
The SML is a low height load cell with high performance. Available in capacities from 5 lbf. to 2K lbf. and also in kN
SMT S-Type Overload Protected Load Cell
The SMT is ideal for low capacity applications where loads cells are often inadvertently overloaded. The SMT has internal mechanical stops permitting overloads up to 10 times rated capacity. Available in capacities from 1.1 lbf. to 450 lbf.
SMTM Micro S-Type Load Cell
A miniature sized S-type load cell with overload protection. Available in capacities 5, 25, and 50 lbf (20, 100, 200N)
SSM-FDH High Temp S-Type Load Cell
S-Type load cell with high temperature - operating range -65 to 300°F
SSM-SSM2 Sealed S-Type Load Cell
The SSM is a sealed version of the SM. Available in capacities of 50 lbf. to 10K lbf.
SSMF Fatigue-Rated S-Type Load Cell
A fatigue-rated S-type load cell available in capacities from 25 lbf up to 2.5K lbf.
SSMH Sealed Hazordous Environment
The SSMH S-type load cell provides a suitable force measurement sensor for applications in coal mining & transfer and other heavy industries where explosive dusts and environment conditions are potentially explosion-hazzard rated.
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