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:: Load Cells / Force Transducers
Column / Rod End
2100 High Capacity Column Load Cell
The 2100 is a column load cell typically used in higher force applications. Available in capacities from 300K lbf. to 1000K lbf.
2120 Rod End
The 2120 rod end load cell is typically used with actuators where sensitivity to side loads is not important.
2200 Calibration Column Load Cell
Many customers perform 100 and 200K E4 calibrations of material test machines in the field. Interface has developed the relatively lightweight portable 2200 series column load cells to use for field testing applications. These are very accurate column cells and come with handles to facilitate transportation from the vehicle to the job site. They also come standard with 16 gages as well as E74 calibration.
2300 High Capacity Load Cell
The 2300 measures high-capacity forces
in a low height design. Available capacities 630, 1000, 1200, & 2000 kN.
FN3030 Force Sensor
The FN3030 measures tension and compression in standard ranges from 0 - 50N to 0 - 100 kN. The FN3030 is well suited for customization in industrial applications and protection levels can be upgraded for use in hostile environments.
REC Rod End Load Cell
The REC is a rod end load cell typically used with actuators where sensitivity to side loads is not important. Available in capacities from 1K lbf. to 25K lbf.
WMC Rod End Load Cell
The WMC rod end load cell is a tension & compression load cell with male threads on the top and bottom. Available in capacities from 15K lbf. to 200K lbf. and also in kN.
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