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:: Load Cells / Force Transducers
3AXX 3-Axis Load Cells
3-axis load cell measures forces simultaneously in 3 mutually perpendicular axes: X, Y, and Z - tension and compression. Each axis provides an output of 1mV/V and requires no mathematical manipulation.
5200 Multi-Axis Load Cell
The 5200 Low Profile load cell is designed for applications where it is required to measure moment loads as well as axial load to determine center of gravity or misalignment. Available in capacities from 1K lbf. to 50K lbf.
6AXX 6-Axis Load Cells
Interface's 6-Axis load cell measures forces simultaneously in 3 mutually perpendicular axes and 3 simultaneous torques about those same axes. Six full bridges provide mV/V output on 6 independant channels.
FN7325 Force Sensor
The multiaxial FN7325 measures force from 0-5 kN to 0-250 kN along three axes as well as the corresponding torque from 0-200 N.m to 0-7000 N.m. The FN7325 is simple to use and install and in many diverse applications circumvents the necessity of employing multiple single-axes units.
FN7384 Force Sensor
The multi-axial FN7384 is designed for force measurement for tool calibration. Designed for an automotive application, the complete sensor replaces with corresponding dimensions and tolerances, the piece the machine will produce.
TXY Two-Axis Load Cell
Allows measurement of forces in X and Y directions at the same time. A 3rd axis is an option for this model.
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