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:: Torque Sensors
Rotating - Non-Contacting / Torque Flanges
T10F Torque Flange
The T10F torque flange is the first torque flange representative. The T10F uses shear stress as a measure of torque for the first time, a measurement principle for which HBM applied for patent. Available in ranges from 50 N·m up to 10 kN·m.
T10FH Torque Flange
The T10FH is a torque flange that can measure torques from 100 kN·m up to 300 kN·m – with the proven accuracy and reliability of the successful T10F product family. To achieve the goal of improved productivity and efficiency the T10FH is the ideal solution for power test benches for ship’s main engines or tests in the off-shore industry.
T10FS Torque Flange
The T10FS torque flange adds to the outstanding market reputation of the T10F torque flange, extending the range covered to greater accuracy, higher speeds and smaller outside diameters. It is based on a modified T10F measuring body and also uses the shear stress principle of measurement. Available in ranges from 100 N•m up to 10 kN•m.
T12 Digital Torque Flange
Uses modern fieldbus systems (CANopen, PROFIBUS DPV1) for connecting directly to PLC automation systems. Provides a frequency & analog output. Fit for use with conventional technologies.
T12HP Torque Transducer: Maximum Precision, Dynamics and Resolution
One torque sensor, multiple functions – only T12HP can do this. Its superior basic accuracy guarantees precise values over the entire measurement range. This results in the FlexRange™ capability that only T12HP can provide without the need to switch the measuring range like so called dual range sensors do.

The non-contacting transducer combines the flexibility of digital signal conditioning with the measurement accuracy of a carrier-frequency amplifier without data or accuracy loss. T12HP Assistant and CAN parameterization are user-friendly tools made available to allow easy configuration.

In combination with the TIM-EC interface module for EtherCAT and TIM-PN for PROFINET the torque and rotational speed signals can be integrated with cutting-edge test bench systems via the frequency interface with to date unknown precision and maximum performance and in a highly flexible manner.

HBM accuracy class: 0.02
T21WN Torque Transducer
The strain gauge technology-based T21WN uses non-contacting energy and measurement signal transmission to measure torque. The sensor is ideal for reliable measurement of relatively low static and dynamic torque on non-rotating as well as rotating components. The output signal at nominal (rated) torque is +/-10 V. The T21WN can be used, for example, in test benches for bearings as well as in material or haptic tests in medical engineering applications and research laboratories. Like its predecessor (T20WN) the T21WN can be easily and quickly integrated into the measurement chain using the robust VK20A junction box.Avaiable in ranges from 0.1 N•m to 200 N•m.
T22 Torque Transducer
The T22 is an attractively priced transducer for simple torque applications. It comes with integrated electronics; this saves time and costs – no additional, external amplifiers are required for upgrading your measurement chain. Matched couplings are available for all T22 sizes. Its' compact design is perfectly suited for test benches where space is a constraint.
T40B Torque Flange
Saves space & costs due to its short design. Allows high parasitic loads enabling machine elements to be directly mounted. Has no slip rings or bearings. Available from 50 N·m to 10 kN·m.
T40FM Torque Flange
The digital torque flange measures highly dynamic processes in the measurement ranges between 15-80 kNm up to a bandwidth of 6 kHz. It has a short design and a very low weight and therefore a small mass moment of inertia. The secure, digital measured value transfer offers high interference immunity and maximum accuracy. Optimally suited for large engine, gear and rolling road test benches.
T40MAR Torque Transducer for Monitoring and Control of Ship Engines
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