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:: Pressure Sensors & Transmitters

Board Mountable / OEM
OEM and board mountable pressure sensors are intended for OEM volume applications where small size, light weight, and low cost are needed. The pressure sensors utilize piezoresistive silicon MEMS technology making them suitable for applications that use non-corrosive dry gases.
Liquid Level Transducers
For tank or fully submersible liquid level measurement.
Pressure Sensor Elements (Headers)
Stainless steel pressure sensors (some are oil-filled)which are suitable for use in harsh environments of liquids or gases. Many feature proprietary UltrastableTM piezoresistive silicon die technology for long-term reliability.
Pressure Transducers
Packaged transducers and transmitters that support a variety of mounting configurations, outputs, accuracy classes and target applications. IS Rated sensors are a noted specialty application.
Sensors that are used to measure pressure less than the atmospheric pressure at a given location. ALSO SEE SPECIAL VACUUM SECTION FOR MORE DETAILS.
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