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:: Load Cells / Force Transducers

Axial Torsion
Axial-Torsion load cells measure both force and torsion in the same cell - with either channel capable of being used independently.
Beam Type
The strain gauges are bonded on the flat upper and lower sections of the load cell at points of maximum strain. This load cell type is used for low capacities and performs with good linearity. Its disadvantage is that it must be loaded correctly to obtain consistent results.
Calibration Grade Low Profile Load Cells
Extremely high precision load cells designed for calibrating other load cells where the best possible load cell is required. Guaranteed to have less than 0.005% nonrepeatability.
Column / Rod End
Dual Range
Consists of lower and higher capacity load cells which are stacked with overload protection built into the lower capacity load cell, permitting high resolution to be obtained at both low and high levels of capacity.
Load / Force Pins
Load measuring pins are strain gauge based transducers which are used to measure load, overload, or tension conditions. Typically installed into machines in the place of normal shafts, load pins act as a direct component in an assembly. Available as custom designs.
Load / Force Washers
Load / Force washers are designed to measure static and dynamic compressive forces, and are especially suitable for the monitoring of forces, e.g. with production processes or bolted connections.
Load Buttons
Load button cells are small "foot print" compression load cells. Load is applied through the integral "button".
Low Capacity
Load cells that target low capacity (ie. gram range) force measurement.
Low Profile Load Cells
The popular "pancake" or low profile style load cell, is configured to operate in shear, with the strain gauges applied in a shear web design. This provides a very low profile in a design that is easily environmentally sealed and is largely insensitive to off-axis loads. The low profile style load cell also easily accommodates dual (electrically separate) strain bridges for high reliability applications. The high stiffness "tension" base serves to allow the measurement of tensile forces, acts to stiffen the load cell structure in compression and to allow the incorporation of overrange limiting stops for compression applications.
Designed for applications where it is required to measure moment loads as well as axial load to determine center of gravity or misalignment.
Microfused™ load cells use piezoresistive silicon strain gauges. Features include low cost, small size, low noise, robust design, high reliability and fast response time. Used in consumer, medical and industrial applications such as medical pumps and monitors, robotics, compression sensing, variable tension control, seat occupancy detection and appliances.
Constructed with piezoelectric crystal which generates an analog voltage signal in response to applied dynamic force.
A simple design load cell where the structure is shaped as a 'S' and strain gauges are bonded to the central sensing area in the form of a full Wheatstone bridge.
Single Point
A single point load cell is designed to be used as a scale and is compensated for off center loads.
Strain Transducers
The strain transducer attaches directly to a plane surface with a friction joint and four bolts. This arrangement enables the strain of the test object to be transferred directly to the sensor making it ideal for installations where lack of space, or installation conditions, makes it difficult to use standard force transducers.
Wireless Load Shackles
Telemetry based load shackles suitable for use in a wide range of industrial and marine heavy lift weighing applications, these load shackles provide arobust and effective method of measuring large tensile loads. They are particularly suited to offshore applications, as they include 3.1 material certification as standard and the proof load test.

FN3002 Force Sensor
The FN3002 is suitable for measuring cable tension and for use in test benches and in many industrial applications. The FN3002 has compact dimensions and measures tension and compression in standard ranges from 2000 to 400000 lb.
SD01A Safety Barrier
Special features
- Three optimized safety barriers for intrinsically safe installation according to ATEX for HBM transducers in potentially explosive atmospheres
- EC type examination certificate BAS01ATEX7005 (Ex II (1) GD, [EEx ia] IIC)
- For use in HBM electronics with balanced earth in carrier frequency and DC-voltage
Selection guide for Interface load cells
Interface is the standard load cell in the industry. Our Low Profile™ load cells are used throughout the world and have been recognized as the leader in accuracy and dependability since 1968 by leading companies in the automotive, aerospace, energy and medical industries as well as most testing labs.
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