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November 02, 2018
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:: Encoders

Magnetic Encoders
Measurement Specialties develops innovative custom packaged solutions for rotary sensing applications using magnetic sensing technology. An encoder is a sensing device that translates either linear or rotary motion into a predictable electrical output. Magnetic encoder technology has shown to be superior to existing optical encoder technology in areas of: * Temperature range * Contamination resistance * Operational life * Shock and vibration * Critical assembly operations * Cost
Optical Encoder Accessories
Optical Encoders
Leine & Linde encoders based on optical scanning incorporate measuring standards of periodic structures known as graduations. These graduations are applied to a carrier substrate of glass, unbreakable plastic or other materials. These precision graduations are manufactured in photolithographic processes. The photolithographic processes permit very fine grating periods and are characterized by a high definition and homogeneity of the line edges. Together with the photoelectric scanning method, this high edge definition is a precondition for the high quality and accuracy of the output signals. The unique way of producing the graduations on unbreakable plastic discs enables Leine & Linde to offer any arbitrary resolution or line count on the encoders.
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