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:: Display & Panel Meters

Motion & Motor Controllers
Devices used to regulate motor speed.

Type of Input Form Factor Number of Channels Outputs Alarms
161 Signal Conditioner
A 4-channel signal conditioning amplifier designed to be used with piezoelectric accelerometers (IEPE or Charge) and most other piezoelectric based transducers. The signal conditioner features broad bandwidth to 100kHz and 10Vpeak linear output.
480 Bidirectional Weight Indicator
The 480 Bidirectional Weight Indicator has a large 0.8 in LED 6-digit display. It also powers up to 10 load cells.
9320 Hand Held Digital Indicator
The 9320 is a bipolar 7-digit hand held meter featuring two independently scalable ranges, peak and valley monitoring, display hold, mV/V calibration and a power save feature. Typical battery life exceeds 40 hours of continuous use. IEEE1451.4 TEDS Plug & Play compliant.
9330 High Speed Data Logger
The 9330 High Speed Data Logger has a 24 bit resolution along with a 3750 Hz update rate.
9820 Digital Indicator
Bipolar, 5-digit display featuring 2000Hz high-bandwidth, +/-10V analog output, front-panel shunt calibration and tare, peak and valley monitoring. Sensor connection is via a removable screw-terminal connector.
9834 Digital Indicator
For use with amplified load cells and rotary torque sensors. Features 120 readings per second, programmable +/-10V or 4-20mA analog output, peak and valley monitoring, RS232. Packaged in an aluminum 1/8 DIN, panel mountable enclosure with a plug-in AC power cord. Sensor connection via 9-pin connector.
9840 Intelligent Digital Indicator
The 9840 is suitable for use in calibration labs, field service, or anywhere high accuracy is important. Features include a bipolar 6-digit 2-line display, remote sense, low noise, 22-bit resolution, USB port with RS232 communication, mV/V calibration and the ability to store up to 25 different sensors. 6-point linearization, unit conversion, front-panel tare. Self calibration via TEDS Plug & Play ready IEEE1451.4 compliance.
9850 Multi-Channel Digital Indicator
The model 9850's modular design allows the use of 7 different types of channel cards in 2 available channels. Available channels include AC mV/V for use with Rotary Transformer type torque sensors, DC mV/V, +/-5V or +/-10V, 4-20mA, Frequency (speed), Encoder and LVDT position sensors. A 3rd math channel allows display of calculate values such as horsepower, unit conversion, peak or valley, etc. The dual +/-10V analog outputs are assignable to any of the three channels. 2000 Hz sample rate allows true peak monitoring. Included software for graphical data display and logging.
9860 Digital Indicator
Similar to the 9830 indicator, but with TEDS functionality.
AC-D-4M Large Display Event Counter
The AC-D-4M Large Display Event Counter features bright 2.3-Inch LEDs that can be viewed easily from up to 100-feet away. The counter can receive pulse inputs from Hall-Effect sensors, Photo-Electric sensors, proximity sensors, encoders, or contact closures.
ATA-2001 Amplifier
The Measurement Specialties analog transducer amplifier is a general purpose, AC line-powered LVDT/RVDT conditioner featuring state-of-the-art design principles. All amplifier controls are accessible from the outside of the rugged aluminum enclosure. Designed for universal compatibility with all 4, 5, and 6 lead LVDTs. A wide range of oscillator frequencies combined with two excitation voltages, 3.5 and 0.5 Vrms, provide maximum versatility.
CT6000 Process Counter
The CT6000 is a Full Logic Control Process Counter that can display up to three separate count values and compare them to programmable set points. This counter also features programmable relay outputs and 4-20 mA output options that allow it to become a Full-Process Control Counter for almost any application.
CVT Analog Vacuum Controller
CVT Vacuum Controllers are fully automatic, continuous-reading instruments for unlimited vacuum applications. These controllers operate in the same standard ranges as the VT meters with the addition of single or double user selectable control limits. Includes durable 10A SPDT control points. Supplied as panel mount device with optional cabinet enclosue. Operates with DV-4, DV-5, and DV-6 series vacuum gauge tubes.
DA2510 Digital Indicator for Panel-Frame Mounting
Special Features
- 4-character LED display
- Format 48 x 96 mm
- All functions programmable
- Selectable input 0 to 5/10 V, 0/4 to 20 mA
- Sensor power supply
- Scaling of initial/final value
Digital CVT Vacuum Controller
The Digital CVT instrument is a fully automatic, continuous-reading instrument for vacuum applications. These controllers operate in the same standard ranges as the Digital VT meters with the addition of two user selectable control limits. Includes durable 10A SPDT control points. and a (0-1 volt) nonlinear analog output signal & a digital RS232 port as standard. Operates with DV-4 and DV-6 series vacuum gauge tubes.
Digital VT Vacuum Indicator
The Digital VT instrument is a fully automatic, continuous reading instrument for basic vacuum measurement applications. Packaged in 1/8 DIN panel mounted case with 3 digit green LED display. Operates with DV-4 and DV-6 series vacuum gauge tubes.
DML300 Single Channel LVDT Panel Indicator
The DML300 series of digital panel indicators is designed specifically for use with LVDT transducers. DML300 series indicators have a five digit display, transducer excitation supply and many software features including max/min memory and math functions. All models are fitted with two analogue outputs - a high speed analogue output for monitoring fast changes of sensor movement, and a separate, electrically isolated, scaleable analogue output.
DMP200 Single Channel Digital Panel Indicator
The DMP200 can be used for both simple ´measurement only´ applications and in more demanding situations requiring digital communications, alarms, maths functions and complex signal conditioning. Ideally suited to operate with Penny & Giles linear and rotary potentiometers, providing a 10 Vdc or 0-12 Vdc transducer supply. This model is also suited to operate with thermocouples and RTDs, as well as pressure transducers, load cells and strain gauges.
DSI-1000 Digital Slope Indicator
A microprocessor based panel meter designed to take the output from Jewell's gravity referenced inclinometers and display it at an angle. The compact unit provides the ±15VDC sensor excitation with dual channel inputs condition the inclinometer output and displays the angle down to 0.001 degrees.
HPM 4-5-6
The Teledyne Hastings Instruments’ HPM 4/5/6 is a hand held, battery operated digital vacuum gauge based on the highly successful “Hastings Gauges” which have generated loyal customers for over 50 years.

Programmable Digital Display Meter

- Multiple output options available
- Casing mounted ABS in option

The M905 is an all-in-one digital meter, supplying the sensor with power and providing general purpose 4½ digit readout for sensors and transducers.
Micro P Panel Meter
The state of the art in programmable digital panel meters, counters, timers, and serially driven remote displays.
Micro Series Counters - Timers Panel Meters
The Micro-C, Mighty-1C and Mighty-5C models are offered in both a standard and extended version. The extended version offers advanced features such as simultaneous measurements of rate and total, linearizing of non-linear signal inputs, mathematical functions such as A channel plus B channel (A + B), stopwatch and phase angle measurements. The basic counter version may be used to measure rate, square root of rate (flowmeters), frequency, total, period and quadrature.
Mighty-1 Large Digit Meters
Micro "Mighty-1" Series of large-digit displays feature 1" (25.4 mm) high 7-segment digits and a sealed enclosure designed to withstand harsh industrial environments. The 1" digits are readable at up to 40 feet (12 m), which is 79% further than maximum reading distance of 22 feet (7 m) associated with the 0.56" (14.2 mm) digits found in most 1/8 size digital panel meters and counters.
Mighty-5 Display
The Mighty-5 stands out with 5" high digits made up of ultra-bright, discrete LEDs, plus an environmentally sealed NEMA-4X housing. Mighty-5 displays can be viewed in bright sunlight and installed outdoors. The display is dimmable for use indoors.
MP2000 Digital Indicator
This microprocessor based LVDT indicator and set-point controller is designed for industrial and process control applications utilizing any LVDT/RVDT-based measurement device. In addition to displaying real-time readings of LVDTs, RVDTs and gage heads, the MP2000 also displays MIN, MAX, TIR, A+B and A-B values.
MVD2510 Panel Meter Amplifier
Control panel measuring amplifier for process control and test bencher.
MVD2555 Panel Meter Amplifier
Carrier frequency amplifier for panel mounting.
PML-1000 Panel Meter
The PML1000 is an AC line powered LVDT/RVDT panel meter that is ideal for industrial and test applications. For control applications, it has a fast (125 Hz) unscaled analog output, an isolated 0-10 VDC/4-20 mA scaleable output and optional serial 2 or 4 wire RS 422/485 communications.
Scout55 4.8kHz Carrier-Frequency Amplifier
The SCOUT55 measuring amplifier is suitable for recording and processing measured values from passive transducers. Transducers that can be connected are: strain-gauge half and full bridges, inductive half and full bridges, LVDTs, piezoresistive transducers, potentiometers.
THCD-100 Single Channel Power Supply
The THCD-100 is a fully integrated 5-digit display that features many user-convenient features including digital communications, alarm outputs with relays, configurable display units, multiple transducer supplies and more.
THPS-400 Four Channel PowerPod
The THPS-400 is a power supply and indicator capable of displaying four channels simultaneously. It has an integrated totalizer, filter function, and Serial communication. Has the ability to set ratio control for gas blending applications.
THPS-760 Plus Digital Vacuum Controller
The THPS 760 Plus Vacuum Controller is an exceptionally stable, accurate and repeatable absolute pressure gauge that provides excellent linearity and is unaffected by gas composition. A full 41/2 digit meter indicates in 0.1 Torr units from 0.1 to 1000.0 Torr. Designed for use with the HPM-760S vacuum sensor.
VT Analog Vacuum Indicator
VT-Series Vacuum Gauges are available in three standard ranges: 0-100 mTorr, 0-1000 mTorr, and 0-20 Torr. A self-contained gauge circuit is attached to the rear of the direct reading meter. Supplied as panel mount device with optional cabinet enclosue. Operates with DV-4, DV-5, and DV-6 series vacuum gauge tubes.
WTS Wireless Telemetry System
The WTS (Wireless Telemetry System) provides easy-to-use wireless data communication between a load sensor and a receiving indicator. The WTS-BS receiver is capable of receiving multiple inputs (selectable) from various load cells or torque transducers.
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