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  ATA-2001 Amplifier

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The Measurement Specialties analog transducer amplifier is a general purpose, AC line-powered LVDT/RVDT conditioner featuring state-of-the-art design principles. The new SMT (Surface Mount Technology) design uses an embedded microprocessor to generate a PWM-shaped sine wave and control all calibration functions. The processor is also employed in the demodulation, filtration and synchronization of the LVDT signal. All settings are stored in non-volatile memory for restoration on power up. Zero, Span and Phase adjustments are accomplished via the use of splash-proof front panel pushbuttons and digital voltage dividers, eliminating the need for drift-inducing screw adjust potentiometers. All amplifier controls are accessible from the outside of the rugged aluminum enclosure. The new ATA 2001 is CE certified, and is intended for the most rigorous, industrial applications. The ATA 2001 has been tested to the highest industrial standards for EMI, RFI and ESD. The ATA 2001 is designed for universal compatibility with all 4, 5, and 6 lead LVDTs. A wide range of oscillator frequencies combined with two excitation voltages, 3.5 and 0.5 Vrms, provide maximum versatility. The high power carrier amplifier has more than twice the drive capability of previous designs. Able to power low impedance LVDTs at higher amplitudes, the ATA 2001 provides measurement resolutions beyond any product currently available. The ATA 2001 is contained within a rugged, extruded aluminum housing. The one-piece design provides optimal amplifier performance under the most rigorous EMI and RFI conditions. An integral panel mounting system provides for convenient 1/8 DIN standard, panel installation. Pre-punched 19" rack adapters are available from Measurement Specialties to accommodate up to eight amplifiers per adapter installation.

• True Analog Conditioner with Digital Calibration
• 2.5, 5.0 and 10.0 kHz Switch Selectable Excitation
• Digital Filtering
• CE Certified
• Switch Selectable 115 or 220 VAC Operation
• Voltage and Current Outputs
• Microprocessor Controlled Calibration and Synchronization
• 1/8 DIN Standard Panel Mounting
• Splash-proof Front Panel with Status LEDs

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