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  MVD2555 Panel Meter Amplifier

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Key Features

- For applications in process and test facilities
- 4.8 kHz carrier-frequency amplifier for S.G. half and full bridges, inductive half and full bridges, LVDT, piezoresistive and potentiometric transducers
- 100% menu-driven control via LCD display
- Four limit value switches
- Scalable analogue output
- Peak value stores (min, max, peak-to-peak) and instantaneous values, envolope curve


Many measurement tasks in the field of industrial test bencher and automatic production/assembly processes can be solved very simply and reliably with the MVD 2555. Force, pressure, displacement and torque transducers based on different technologies can be connected to the carrier frequency amplifiers which are particularly stable and insensitive to interference.

The wide measurement frequency range and the digital filter adjust-able over a range of steps enables the best adaptation to the measurement problem. Apart from the actual amplifier function, two minimum/maximum stores and four limit switches with PLC-compatible outputs are available. The measurement output can be provided through a freely scaleable analogue output and via the serial RS232C interface. Freely programmable control inputs and outputs facilitate trouble-free communications with automation systems.

Technical Specifications

Measured quantities: strain-gage full and half bridge, inductive transducers, potentiometers
Accuracy: 0.1
Housing: control panel housing
Max. no. of channels: 1 / device
Interfaces: analog, RS-232
Signal processing: low pass filter, peak value store, tare, zeroing, 4 limit switches

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