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  digiCLIP Digital Amplifier (overview)

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Do you want to measure force, weight, torque and pressure in the most modern way?

digiCLIP propels your production into the digital age. digiCLIP is the modern modular amplifier system for industrial environments. It facilitates faster and more reliable measurement, and it’s easily installed, too.

Start measuring in only 18 seconds…

digiCLIP helps slash downtimes when it comes to solving measurement tasks! It supports TEDS, the electronic datasheet in the transducer. digiCLIP recognizes transducers equipped with TEDS memory chips. Complex configuration and parameter assignment are no longer required. digiCLIP can even be set up by untrained staff.

Key Features
· Modular measurement system for acquisition of force, pressure, and torque for monitoring the status of machines
· Interference-proof operation in difficult industrial environments thanks to stable and precise carrier frequency technique
· TEDS sensor recognition for quick and reliable setup
· Easy and cost-effective integration into the control system thanks to standard CANbus and PROFIBUS interfaces
· digiCLIP frees up the control system and enables more manufacturing cycles due to its integrated, real-time analysis functions
· Accuracy Class 0.05 typical
· Signal Conditioning includes low-pass filter, double limit switch, tare, auto tare, zeroing

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