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  THPS-760 Plus Digital Vacuum Controller

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The THPS 760 Plus Vacuum Controller is an exceptionally stable, accurate and repeatable absolute pressure gauge that provides excellent linearity and is unaffected by gas composition. A full 41/2 digit meter indicates in 0.1 Torr units from 0.1 to 1000.0 Torr.

When exposed to atmosphere, the instrument measures barometric pressure. Calibration is simple, no test equipment is necessary, only an accurate barometric reading is required to set the high end. The HPS-760 power supply includes an LED digital readout and two vacuum alarm relays. Set point pressure is displayed by pressing corresponding Set Point Push Button. The display will immediately default back to measured pressure when the switch is released. The two SPDT relays are rated for 240 VAC maximum at 2A.

• Range: 0.1 to 1000.0 Torr
• Two Control Points
• Fast Response and Linear Output
• 0-10 VDC Standard (0-5 VDC Optional)
• Optional Instrument Configurations and Sensor Fittings
• Complete Installation and Calibration Accessories

For Any Situation Requiring Accurate Vacuum Measurement & Control:
• Cryogenics
• Thermal Food Containers
• Vacuum Furnaces
• Pharmaceutical Production
• Freeze Drying
• Agricultural Processes
• Air Conditioning
• Accelerators
• Plasma Coating
• Refrigeration (HVAC)
• Glove Boxes
• Appliance Manufacturing

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