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  THPS-400 Four Channel PowerPod

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The Teledyne Hastings Instruments Digital 4-Channel PowerPod is featured in a half-rack profile for simple drop-in replacement of the existing Model 200 and 400 units, or be used as a bench top unit.

The PowerPod-400 is equipped with a four line by twenty character, vacuum fluorescent display (VFD). The display emulates a liquid crystal display in its command structure but the VFD gives the unit a greater viewing angle than available with most conventional LED or LCD displays.

The PowerPod incorporates many features including an integrated totalizer with a count-up or count-down options, user selected filtering of readings, serial communications or Ethernet, communications.

The Hastings Instruments new unit also offers a simultaneous display of all four channels or selective blanking of unused channels, ratio control with analog outputs for stacking multiple power supplies, and easy to follow, menu driven calibration and setup.

The digital design of the PowerPod allows the user to set both the minimum and maximum display values corresponding to specific voltage or current inputs. One advantage of this approach is that it negates the need to access hard to reach transducers to re-zero them. Should the analog signal from the transducer change due to zero shift, the digital counts seen by the PowerPod can be changed to display zero either manually from the front panel or via serial communication with the unit.

• Four channels of simultaneous display
• Independent channel programmability
• Display: Flow, Pressure, Totalizer, Filtered Readings, Gas ID, Units-of-Measure
• Totalizer set points w/count-up and countdown capability
• High & low set-points
• Analog I/O: 0 - 5 VDC, 0 - 10 VDC, 4 - 20 mA
• Analog signals available on back panel
• Ratio control
• User selectable AC input
• RS232/485
• LabView® drivers available

• Secondary calibration reference
• Fuel cell testing
• Pharmaceutical production
• Gas generators
• Thin Film processes
• Gas Blending

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