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QuantumX MX430B: Precision and Maximum Interference Suppression
MX430B is the precise and compact module of the QuantumX family. It provides four inputs for accurate measurement of strain gauge full bridge based sensors such as uni- or multiaxial force sensors, torque transducers as well as pressure sensors. HBM provides the entire measurement chain for efficient measurement: precise sensors, the QuantumX MX430B measurement module and suitable software.

Precise force and torque measurement is essential, in particular when the objective is to determine the exact balance in aerodynamic tests of vehicles, aircraft or sports equipment in the wind tunnel. MX430B is also well suited for other test bench applications demanding high precision and reliability such as the determination of the center of gravity of rockets, measurement analysis of fuselage or load analysis in engine test benches. The module is lightweight and compact and thus allows for portable use for servicing in machine and sensor calibration.

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