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  34200B Triaxial Accelerometer

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The Measurement Specialties 34200B triaxial analog accelerometers are capable of accurately measuring ±10 g, ±15 g, ±20 g, ±25 g, ±30 g, ±35 g, ±40 g, ±50 g, or ±70 g accelerations on three mutually orthogonal axes. Each axis is precisely aligned within 0.5 degree of the theoretical ideal to minimize errors due to misalignment or transverse sensitivity. A tough, compact housing holds potted electronics and the small size and built-in power regulation allow the 34200B to fit where other accelerometers can’t. Choose the bandwidth and range options best suited for your application. The voltage output of the 34200B is directly proportional to the acceleration along the axis. Each DC-coupled output is fully scaled, referenced, and temperature compensated. Users are supplied with a calibration certificate listing sensitivity and offset for each sensor. Tested over the -40ºC to +85ºC temperature range, the accelerometers have a nominal full scale output swing of ±2 Volts. The zero g output level is nominally +2.5 Volts. Custom versions of the 34200B can be provided.

• Precision Alignment
• High Accuracy and Linearity over Wide Temperature Range
• Rugged for Harsh Environments
• NIST Traceable Calibration
• Small Size
• Built-in Power Supply Regulation
• Easy Installation
• Three Year Warranty

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