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  W1ELA Inductive Displacement Transducer

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The type W1ELA/0-2 inductive displacement sensors are normally installed, for example in machines, test equipment and measuring instruments. The sensors are available with an accuracy class of 0.2 for 4.8 kHz carrier frequency.

The sensors comprise the plunger and core unit. The principle of measurement of the W1ELA/0-2 sensors is based on the differential choke principle. The sensor body contains two measuring coils arranged axially one after the other, forming an inductive half bridge.

This is supplemented in the carrier frequency amplifier connected to form a full bridge. The displacement measuring range covers both directions, starting from the zero position up to the nominal (rated) displacement. By moving the plunger, the inductance values of the two coils are changed. The difference in inductance is a measure of the displacement.

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