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  UP468V AC Voltage Input Isolating Signal Conditioner

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• 10 Vac to 490 VAc Direct to Input
• DC Voltage and Flexible Current Output
- 2-Wire Transmitter or
- 4-Wire Transmitter
• 3-Way Isolation
-3750 Vac Isolation Input to Power/Output
-1500 Vac Isolation Power to Output
• AC or DC Power (9-40 Vdc or 19-28 Vac)
• DIN Rail Mount (TS 35)
• Removable Terminal Blocks

The UniPak™ UP468V converts an ac voltage to a proportional dc current or voltage. Each input range can be set and extended to the next DIP switch selectable range. This makes it possible to calibrate on any range between 0 and 500 Vac. The dc voltage and current outputs can transmit simultaneously making the UP468V useful as a splitter of sorts. The ac
voltage may be in a frequency range from 10 to 1000 Hz. The UP468V also features a fast response time that enhances its use in a feedback loop. The UP468V may also be used as a microammeter (see Switch Settings).

Signal Conditioning made simple and safe from ioSelect, powered by Seneca (Z202).

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