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  PMX Modular Amplifier System

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The sharpest measurement technology from HBM, perfectly designed for use in modern production: PMX, the new data acquisition and control system for use in production control and industrial test benches. Strong performance, precise, reliable and highly efficient.

PMX enables professional and precise acquisition of force, torque, vibration, pressure, strain, temperature, voltage, current and many other quantities. All channels are rated with 19,200 samples per second. With 16 measuring channels and 32 calculating channels, PMX as a whole is rated up to 400,000 values per second.

This is not all: thanks to the support of real-time communication via Industrial Ethernet, a modern browser based user-software and flexible plug-in cards; it makes PMX the ideal module for application in modern production plants. All of this at an unbeatable price.

This makes PMX the first choice in press and printing processes, monitoring of machines, industrial test benches and end-of-line test stands.

Deciding to use PMX means you are using the newest industry standard in measurement technology. Furthermore, the PMX data acquisition control system sets ground breaking standards for use in production and test stands.

High precision for optimum results in production

High accuracy when acquiring measurement data gives you considerable efficiency advantages in your production processes. With a sampling rate of 19.2kHz, PMX offers the greatest precision for optimal quality assurance.

Moreover, PMX can already process the signal internally and transfer this in real-time to your automation system. PMX identifies transducers automatically thanks to the integrated TEDS system: this is dynamic plug and measurement technology for efficient production.

Real-time data acquisition via Industrial Ethernet

PMX supports current Industrial Ethernet technology: EtherCAT and Profinet, and further standards for example Profibus (available within short). Therefore PMX integrates seamlessly into modern production plants and enables the measurement, calculation and automation of your data in real-time.

Scalability: PMX grows with your requirements

Thanks to flexible plug-in cards and the possibility to connect different PMX modules to each other, you can increase your number of channels. You can integrate up to 300 measurement channels and up to 600 mathematical calculation channels.

Browser based software

The browser based PMX software sets new standards in terms of performance capability and user interfaces:
* Easy and intuitive to use, for both users in production and administration.
* Comprehensive programme library, numerous available drivers and API interfaces for maximum expandability and transparency.
* The modern interface allows fast access to production data for evaluation and for service and maintenance.
* Flexible and assured service and maintenance.

Overview of Modules

PMX is ready for your application. For each PMX you can have up to 5 plug-in cards for different measurement quantities and communication interfaces: You can easily integrate further PMX modules, for up to 300 measurement channels.

The current PMX modules available are:

PX401: 4 Channel card for analogue input signals (voltage / current)
PX455: 4 Channel card for full and half bridges (Strain gauges, inductive)
PX878: 8 Digital inputs, 8 digital outputs and 5 analogue outputs
PX01PN: Real-time Ethernet card for Profinet
PX01EC: Real-time Ethernet card for EtherCAT

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