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  THCD-100 Single Channel Power Supply

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• 16-Bit Resolution
• ± 0.2% Reading +1 Digit Accuracy
• 0-5 VDC Setpoint via Front Panel or Digital
• Dual Programmable Alarms with Relays
• RS232, RS485, and Analog (all standard)
• CE Approved

• Operate & Monitor Flow Meter or Flow Controller
• Bench Top or Panel Mount
• Pressure Transducer Readout

• Easy to Operate
• Reduces Wiring/Integration Challenges
• Highly Visible Display
• Low Power Consumption
• Compact Size (1/8" DIN package)
• Flexible Interface with Setpoint & Digital Command
• Field Selectable Display Units
• Reliable

The THCD-100 is a fully integrated 5-digit display and power supply for a wide choice of gas mass flow meters, gas mass flow controllers and pressure transducers.

The THCD-100 features a bright graphical VFD display which allows the user to display the relevant units as well as navigate the easy-to-use interface.

The THCD-100 features many user convenient features including digital communications, alarm outputs with relays, configurable display units, multiple transducer supplies etc etc. The unit can also be customized for a particular application by the supply of custom firmware.

In addition to the internal setpoint functions, the THCD features an external setpoint input which can be used to generate a setpoint from another process /transducer.

The unit can also be configured to be tamper proof. By hard wiring in the interface connector, the user can lock out the menu command and /or the zero command button.

Much attention has been paid to the menu structure within the THCD-100 and in particular the ease of which the setpoint output can be changed.

All menus feature backwards and forwards options and numeric input can be both up and down. The THCD-100 is housed within a metal case and takes the form of a standard 1/8 DIN panel mount.

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