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Electro-Numerics is a manufacturer of Low Cost Digital Panel Meters, Digital Counters, and Industrial Timers.

Micro P Panel Meter
The state of the art in programmable digital panel meters, counters, timers, and serially driven remote displays.
Micro Series Counters - Timers Panel Meters
The Micro-C, Mighty-1C and Mighty-5C models are offered in both a standard and extended version. The extended version offers advanced features such as simultaneous measurements of rate and total, linearizing of non-linear signal inputs, mathematical functions such as A channel plus B channel (A + B), stopwatch and phase angle measurements. The basic counter version may be used to measure rate, square root of rate (flowmeters), frequency, total, period and quadrature.
Mighty-1 Large Digit Meters
Micro "Mighty-1" Series of large-digit displays feature 1" (25.4 mm) high 7-segment digits and a sealed enclosure designed to withstand harsh industrial environments. The 1" digits are readable at up to 40 feet (12 m), which is 79% further than maximum reading distance of 22 feet (7 m) associated with the 0.56" (14.2 mm) digits found in most 1/8 size digital panel meters and counters.
Mighty-5 Display
The Mighty-5 stands out with 5" high digits made up of ultra-bright, discrete LEDs, plus an environmentally sealed NEMA-4X housing. Mighty-5 displays can be viewed in bright sunlight and installed outdoors. The display is dimmable for use indoors.

Technical Resources - Displays Technical Data
Micro-C Manual
Micro-C Manual
Micro-P Manual
Micro-P Manual

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