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Beran Windows Condition Monitoring System allows rotating plant to be monitored in a cost-effective, flexible manner. Condition monitoring of rotating machinery is considered an extremely valuable tool to industry. Continuous data assists in identifying faults in rotating machinery, allowing remedial action to be carried out before a costly breakdown occurs. Consequently, maintenance programmes can be scheduled according to need, maximising plant usage. Beran also manufactures transducer calibration systems for acceleration, velocity & displacement type transducers. Beran Instruments can supply from a self-contained portable to a complete laboratory calibration system.

TransCal 445 Portable
The Beran 445 Portable TransCalâ„¢ provides a simple-to-use, self-contained, battery powered calibrator. It consists of the drive generator, power amplifier, built-in shaker and reference accelerometer, all fitted into a rugged carrying case.
TransCal 455 Integrated Calibration System
The Beran 455 Integrated TransCalâ„¢ provides, in one box, all of the measuring devices required to calibrate the majority of vibration transducers. The unit includes a power amplifier to provide drive to the user's shaker and two channels of matched signal conditioning amplifiers, one for the reference transducer and the other for the test transducer.
TransCal 475 Laboratory Calibration System
The Beran 475 Laboratory TransCalâ„¢ is a dedicated, high precision instrument for the fully automatic calibration of vibration transducers. The sine correlation measurement technique is used in the Beran 475 to ensure that accurate, repeatable measurements are provided over a wide frequency range and with changing measurement environments.

766 Permanent
19" rack-mount unit providing a modular acquisition/analysis system for condition monitoring of rotating plant.
766 Portable
Designed for use by vibration analysts in troubleshooting, balancing and return-to-service/commissioning roles.
767 Portable
Total measurement and analysis capability for monitoring and analyzing vibration in rotating plant.
An optimised solution for smaller turbines such as those used in Hydroelectric and Gas Pumping Installations.
Beran Condition Monitoring Systems
Comprehensive functionality, flexible data handling, and efficient communications.

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