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Manufacturer's of quality cable draw linear position and velocity transducers.

Linear Position Sensor - String (Draw Wire) Potentiometers
Ametek-Patriot-Rayelco part numbers
A comprehensive list of common part numbers
DP-series Digital Position Transducer
AMETEK RayelcoTM Digital Position Transducers (Optical Encoder Type) are designed to provide a digital output signal with an accuracy of 0.05% (+1 pulse) FS. The transducer operates from a variable voltage source of 4.75 Vdc to 30 Vdc @ 50 mA maximum. The three output channels "A", "B" & Index are TTL/CMOS compatible, single ended (Open Collector). The output signal current is +20 mA maximum, thereby eliminating line drivers for long electrical connections.
MP-series Miniature Position Transducer
AMETEK RayelcoTM Miniature Position Transducer has been designed to provide maximum user flexibility. This unit can be mounted in confined areas and by simply loosening a single bolt, direct the cable in any direction by turning the transducer body 360 degrees and the mounting swivel 180 degrees. Slotted cable entry allows the cable to be out of alignment by as much as ±10 degrees in one axis. Available in ranges up to 20 inches.
P-series Position Transducer
AMETEK RayelcoTM Position Transducers offer precise monitoring of a traveling element from 0-2" through 0-2000". Accuracy is maintained on both extension and retraction, and the potentiometer can be excited with either AC or DC voltage up to 25 volts. Twenty seven (27) available models cover ranges of 0-2" through 0-2000".
PS-series Submersible Position Transducer
AMETEK RayelcoTM Submersible Transducers are designed for use in fluids or in hostile environments to pressures up to 150 psi. Materials used in body construction are anodized aluminum, stainless steel or brass. Standard position transducers, with “A” circuit, can be excited with up to 25 volts, AC or DC. The “B” circuit option (simulated Wheatstone bridge) can be field adjusted for mechanical zero offset and output voltage.
PT-series Position Transmitter
These Position Transmitters combine the high accuracy of AMETEK RayelcoTM Position Transducers with a 4-20 mA electronic package, providing a two-wire, 4-20 mA transmitter which consistently delivers accuracy of +0.1% FS*. Ranges available up to 2000 inches.
PV-series Position-Velocity Transducer
AMETEK RayelcoTM Position/Velocity Transducers monitor both element movement in distance and speed of movement with accuracy of +0.1% FS* (position) and +0.25% of reading (velocity). The transducer has two separate outputs proportional to the position and velocity of the extension of the cable. Available in ranges up to 2000 inches.

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