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Weisang – expertise and software solutions for your data Weisang has been developing innovative software solutions for technical and scientific applications since 1991. Our FlexPro software product is used by thousands of engineers, scientists and measurement technology experts to analyze measured data. In addition to our software products, we also develop custom applications for your measurement-related tasks. Through our software and engineering services, we are committed to contributing to the development of your new products and technologies, supporting you in your research and helping you test innovations with reliable results.

Software - Data Analysis Software
FlexPro, the analysis software for fast and easy data analysis & presentation Are you an engineer, measurement technology expert, scientist or contractor? Are you dealing with complicated measuring tasks or are you responsible for the quality and safety of your products? Then here’s your opportunity to get to know FlexPro: the powerful, intuitive software application for analyzing and presenting your data. FlexPro particularly excels in analyzing dynamic processes. Advantages of FlexPro Search through large amounts of data lightning fast. Import measured data in all popular formats. Use your analyses on any number of measurements at the click of a button. Take advantage of the latest analysis procedures for the precise analysis of your measured data. Process millions of measurement values in seconds using your multicore CPU. Share your analysis templates with colleagues over your network.

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