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American Sensor Technologies was incorporated on January 9, 1997 for the purpose of developing MEMS (Micro-Electro Mechanical Structures) pressure sensor products with their proprietary Krystal Bondâ„¢ Technology. It manufactures its pressure sensors and related products in its Mount Olive, New Jersey USA facility, supporting customers with quick turnaround and quality instruments.

Pressure Sensors & Transmitters - Pressure Transducers
AG100 Digital Pressure Gauge - 9V Battery Powered
Rugged battery powered digital pressure gauge Large LCD Display Zero calibration, Min/Max, Multiple Units of Measure Excellent for high pressures
AG200 Digital Pressure Gauge 4-20mA Output Signal
The AG200 is a digital pressure gauge that offers a 4-20mA output signal with a large LCD display. Utilizing Krystal Bondâ„¢ Technology, the AG200 provides the same quality and performance as AST's sensors, but through a local readout with a backlight feature.
AST2000 Industrial Pressure Transducer
The AST2000 is an ASIC-compensated, high quality, industrial pressure transducer designed for use in the measurement of liquids and gases.
AST2000H2 Hydrogen Pressure Transducer
AST2000H2 pressure sensor series combines the best mechanical design for hydrogen measurement with high performance digital compensation.
AST20HA Precision Pressure Transducers
The AST20HA is a digitally compensated 0.1% pressure transducer / pressure transmitter that offers high performance over temperature.
AST20PT Precision Pressure and Temperature Transmitter
The AST20PT is a digitally compensated pressure and temperature transducer / transmitter, offering measurements from a single process point, reducing process penetration points and leaks.
AST20SW Solid State Pressure Switch
The Model 20SW is a solid state stainless steel pressure switch designed for use in a variety of applications.
AST3100 Industrial Pressure Transducer
The AST3100 is a low cost, high quality all stainless steel media isolated Pressure Transmitter intended for use in the measurement of gases and liquids compatible with stainless steel. The AST3100 is suitable for automotive, industrial, refrigeration, hydraulics, off road, construction and agriculture applications.
AST3200 Low Pressure Pneumatic Pressure Transducer
The AST3200 Series is a OEM low pressure sensor intended for high volume applications that require the low pressure measurement of non-corrosive liquids and gases.
AST4000 industrial OEM pressure transducer
The AST4000 Industrial Pressure Sensor can be constructed as a millivolt output pressure sensor, amplified voltage output pressure transducer, or 4-20mA loop powered pressure transmitter.
AST4100 Compact Pressure Transducer
American Sensor Technologies, presents the AST4100 as a compact, price-competitive stainless steel pressure sensor. Compatible with a wide range of liquids and gases over pressure ranges up to 10,000 PSI, the AST4100 covers a diversified variety of applications.
AST4200 Panel Mount Pressure Sensor
This innovative sensor is mounted directly through the panel without the need for additional adapters, eliminating potential leak paths.
AST4300 Non-Incendive Pressure Transmitter
The AST4300 is a Class I Division 2 non-incendive pressure transmitter for use in hazardous areas.
AST43LP Non-Incendive Low Pressure Transmitter
The AST43LP is a low pressure Class I Division 2 stainless steel pressure transmitter / pressure transducer for use in hazardous areas.
AST4400 Intrinsically Safe Pressure Sensor
The AST4400 is the solution for pressure measurement in Intrinsically Safe (IS) areas.
AST4401 Intrinsically Safe Pressure Transmitter
The AST4401 is similar to the AST4400 intrinsically safe pressure transducer, but offers the additional approval for Groups A and B. The maximum supply voltage allowable is 15.5V DC.
AST44LP Intrinsically Safe Low Pressure Transmitter
The AST44LP is a low pressure Class I Division 1 intrinsically safe pressure transmitter / pressure transducer Groups C, D when installed with an approved barrier.
AST4500 AST4510 Submersible Level Sensor
The AST4500 and AST4510 submersible level sensors are approved to Class I Div 1, Groups C and D for use in intrinsically safe areas with an approved barrier.
AST4520 Flush Diaphragm Level Transmitters
The AST4520 Flush Submersible liquid level sensor is the cost effective solution for level monitoring of turbulent tanks with viscous media.
AST4530 PVDF Submersible Pressure Transducer
Designed to measure liquid level of harsh liquids and chemicals, the AST4530 features submersible PVDF cable, cord grip and housing.
AST45PT Liquid Level and Temperature Transmitter
For pressures from 0-1 to 100 PSI that require a wide range of media compatibility.
AST4600 Explosion-Proof Pressure Transmitter
Constructed with a simple-yet-rugged design, this pressure transmitter stands up to a variety of explosion-proof applications where price and performance are critical.
AST46DS Explosion-Proof Pressure Transmitter With LCD
Capable of using a power supply as low as an 8VDC and low current consumption, the AST46DS pressure transducer can operate in remote areas with minimal power.
AST46HA Explosion Proof Pressure Transmitter
Applying digital compensation, this product offers top performance over a wide temperature range.
AST46PT Explosion Proof Pressure Temperature Transmitter
Applying digital compensation, this product offers top performance over hot and extremely cold temperatures.
AST46SW Explosion Proof Pressure Switch
Applying digital compensation, this product offers top performance over a wide temperature range.
AST4700 Frequency and Voltage Output Pressure Transmitter
0-5V, 0-10V, and 1-6kHz Outputs Variety of NPT, SAE and metric process connections Electrical connections include but are not limited to DIN, M12x1 and PT06A
AST4710 Absolute Pressure Transmitter
0-15 to 300 PSIA absolute pressure measurements Voltage and 4-20mA Output Signals 316L stainless steel sensor with stainless steel housing
AST47HP Digital Pressure Gauge 4-20mA Output Signal
Manufactured to withstand pressures up to 60,000 PSI, the AST47HP high pressure sensor is the best solution for high pressure and high cycle systems such as hydraulic pressure or diesel common rail pressure.
AST47SM Steel and Rolling Mill Pressure Transmitter
Leading pressure transmitter for steel and aluminium mill applications 4x Proof Pressure Rating IP69k for Washdown Conditions Pressure Spike Protection
AST5100 Differential Pressure Transmitter - Low Pressure
Measure differential pressure as low as 5" water column Wet / Wet DP with 4-20mA or 0-5V output signals LVDT pressure sensor technology Excellent for level and emissions monitoring
AST5300 Ex Wet - Wet Differential Pressure Transmitter
The AST5300 wet/wet differential pressure transducer offers a maximum line pressure of 1,500 PSI.
AST5400 Wet-Wet Differential Pressure Transducer
High line pressure (up to 5,000 PSI / 350 Bar) Either pressure port can see full pressure without damage Excellent performance over temperature Wet / Wet differential pressure Explosion-Proof and Non-Incendive ratings available

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