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Leine & Linde manufacture robust pulse encoders for industrial applications. Quality, dpendability and a high level of service are are important catchwords that guarantee that the right product is delivered at the appointed time.

Encoders - Magnetic Encoders
2000-series Bearing-less encoders for large shafts
Some motors require a speed feedback sensor mounted on the main shaft between other parts in the machinery. Here the shaft dimensions may be large – sometimes around a meter – which means that a standard optical encoder is not suitable. Therefore Leine & Linde has developed a new series of bearing-less encoder rings, the 2000 series. It is based on a concept of a rotating ring together with a fix scanning unit for generation of incremental pulses.
Encoders - Optical Encoder Accessories
ADS Classic PC Cable
ADS Classic PC diagnostic back cover
ADS ONline PC Cable
Cable M12 to RJ45 • D-coded male 4 pin M12 • RJ 45 • 2m shielded PUR cable
CANopen Gateway
CAN Gateway for EnDat encoders • CANopen interface • Compact and robust design • IP 65 ingress protection
M23 Standard (EML)
DMI Converter
• Converter and/or splitter between HTL or RS422 signals • Galvanically isolated between inputs/outputs • Universal box for mounting on DIN-rail • Power supply voltage 9...30 Vdc
Draw Wire
Draw wire suitable for absolute or incremental encoders • For linear measurements • Simple and fl exible encoder mounting • Robust and compact sensor design
DRIVE-CliQ Cable
Pre-assembled DRIVE-CLiQ cable ? With 24V supply wires. ? With RJ45 connection to 8pin female M12 mating connector ? UL/CSA, DESINA
Encoder switch GV210
Switch and splitter of incremental encoder signals • 6 channels input and output • HTL, TTL or RS422 signal levels • Compact housing for DIN rail mounting • Applicable as level converter
EnDat Accessory Cable
Ex d & Ex t Blind Plug
Blind plug M20 with O-ring • Certified for ATEX and IECEx • Stainless steel EN 1.4404/AISI 316L
Ex d & Ex t Cable Gland
Cable gland M20 • Certified for ATEX and IECEx • Stainless steel EN 1.4404/AISI 316L • Cable diameter 6.1-11.5 mm
Mechanical accessories
Bearing box
OptoLink Gateway
• System for transmission of incremental encoder signals in an optical fi bre • Typical areas of use: – In environments with high electromagnetic disturbances – Transmission of signals over long distances – Where galvanic insulation is required
* Functionality according to PROFIBUS DPV0, DPV1 and DPV2 * Integrated T-coupling and bus termination * Compact and robust design
* Functionality according to encoder profile 3.162 v.4.1 * Compact and robust design * IP 65 ingress protection
Signal converter FU252
Signal converter for frequency to analogue and serial output • Tachometer functionality ±10 Vdc, 0-20 mA or 4-20 mA analogue output or optional RS232/RS485 serial output • Input frequency range 0.1 Hz .. 1 MHz • Compact housing for DIN rail mounting • For connection of incremetal TTL, HTL and RS422 incremental encoder • Confi guration of measuring range via push button or serial interface
Speed monitor
Speed monitor for control of overspeed, underspeed, standstill and direction of rotation • 3 relays (dry changeover) and an analogue output • Input frequency range 0.1 Hz - 1 MHz • Compact housing for DIN rail mounting • For incremental encoders with TTL, HTL or RS422 interface • Four keys and a LCD display for facilitate commissioning and operation
Test unit PWM 9
Test unit for incremental encoders • A measuring device for checking incremental encoders • On- or off-line measurements • Universal counter • Graphic LCD display of encoder signals
Torque bracket
Encoders - Optical Encoders
The steel industry has many examples of environments with extreme requirements in terms of temperature, mechanical forces, vibrations and shocks. For such types of applications, we have designed the 1000 series.
Robust and extremely reliable miniature encoders – that’s the 300 series. These incremental encoders are only 30 millimetres in diameter and intended for installation in applications where space is restricted.
Versatile and modular – these are the encoders in the 500 series. These encoders conform to European industrial standards and are available in a hollow shaft or shaft design, which ensures simple installation. If you are looking for a standard encoder with unrivalled performance, then the 500 series is the right choice for you.
Absolute position encoders that can position single or multiturn movements.
700 Compact Hollow Shaft Encoder
A compact and robust unit that features large hollow shafts up to 1 inch diameter. Designed for tough environments with a dual set of heavy duty bearings and a well-encapsulated enclosure.
Robust incremental encoder adapted forchallenging industrial environments.
Absolute encoders for heavy duty industries.

Technical Resources - Encoders Technical Data
Encoders increase security in wind turbines
Leine & Linde has launched a new series of pulse encoders developed for applications that require highly functional security. The new pulse encoders will make it easier for equipment manufacturers to meet their safety & security guidelines.

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